Sunday, June 19th. 5pm-7pm (NO gay time…things will start at 5 and end at 7. We hope you’ll plan accordingly)

The grand finale is upon us! Spend the day with the Homomade Bike Tour, then make your way to the Luggage Store Gallery Annex/Tenderloin National Forest (509 Ellis at Leavenworth) for Dirtstar’s closing party/performance spectacular. Homomade is FREE and the closing party is $5-20, (no one turned away). Purchase tickets here:


Homomade bike tour 1-5pm

•••HomoMadeSunday, June 19th – 1-5pm (workshops from 1-4!) 
Join your dirty friends, your crafty queers, your handsome homos on this delightful tour of the Free Farm and the Tenderloin National Forest/TNF!  We will explore what crafty queers can achieve when they dig their dirty little fingers into the soil!  And, because who doesn’t love a good gay workshop, there will be workshops on gardening (Finn from the Free Farm), flower essences (Joolie of HomoMade) and fermenting your own foods (Michele of Found Fruit), to boot!  The tour will end up at Dirtstar’s closing show Take Root! at the Tenderloin National Forest. Starts at The Free Farm (Gough and Eddy). ASL interpretation available. *Please* RSVP:

Dirtstar Open Market Installation


Calling all cloud catchers, dirt diggers, and sewer water snatchers. The Water Underground surfaces! Converge at the Tenderloin National Forest for a local hydro-laboratory. Taste test the SF waters, create a cloud in a box, and write your own aquafesto. The Water Underground/TNF2011 is July Cole, Sarolta Cump, Annie Danger, Sarah Kennedy, Qilo Matzen, Marko Muir, and Cleo Woelfle-Erskine.

•Dirtstar free farm stand

Bring seeds, starts, veggies and fruit from your gardens to exchange, eat and enjoy!!!


Queer Science, a molecular gaystronomy laboratory. Homos get a little food sciencey and play with textures, tastes, and smells in a search for new connections with our food. Just like homosexuality, “it ain’t natural,” but it sure is yummy (Mmmm). Bring your gay gene to the Queer Science lab for a sip and a nibble. Dirty lab drag encouraged.


•Mother Popcorn is the music/performance art of Adee Roberson and Anna Luisa Petrisko. Our sounds are always changing form, but are heavily based on drum polyrythyms, vocal melody and organic sounds.

 •The Color of Food by Celeste Chan: Reclaiming traditions, this performance melds Chinese fan dance and media to comment on food justice and racism.

•Bait and Tackle is a whimsical piece where two beer-bellied fishermen “fish” out queerities in roughly three acts out of an oversized red Bait and Tackle box over a good ole boy conversation on the lake of tears. Featuring Ivy Jeanne and E. Conner

•Plumbing is the latest iteration of a piece that has traveled between bathrooms in SF and the Marin Headlands, transmuting to fit the local plumbing. With performance by Qilo Matzen and sound design by Maren Abromowitz

•Dirtstar Legends: m.a. brooks and amar/a puri will be performing a duet of music, story & dance to invoke the spirit of Octavia Butler and honor the ancestral significance of yams and change.

•Glitter Bike Ride with visiting artists, the Glittertwins, reincarnations of Anthea Black and Mr. and Mrs. Keith Murray. Our dream for a world where transmutation of the ephemeral and impermanent self is possible. Beyond space and time. Returning to the sites of tragedy, an homage to those we’ve lost. Ghosts who haunt the living with a message of interdimensional love. ASHES TO ASHES, GLITTER TO GLORY!


Bloodlines a film by Celeste Chan is born from queer diaspora and re-imagined detention at angel island.

Tom / Trans / Thai is a short, experimental film by Jai Arun Ravine that explores the intersections between tom identity, trans-masculinity and Thai identity in a transnational context through writing and dance. It opens a door within Thai discourse, in the hope that a conversation between tom and female-to-male (FTM) transgender identity can begin.

Hello, June!

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ONE MILLION THANK YOUs to all of the beautiful, amazing, sweet composting love that was shown as folk directed funds at helping us put on Dirtstar 2011! We surpassed our goal of $3K and are proud to say that you made it possible.

Come check out our Calendar Of Events!  We can’t wait to share some dirt with you.

a saturday afternoon soul music dance party

as always —
DJ CARNITA and DJ BROWN AMY playing 60s girl groups, early 70s soulful funk, boogaloo, garage and northern soul stompers.

back by popular demand, special guest:
DICK VIVIAN (Rooky Ricardo’s Records)
playing some of his favorite soul & girl group hits from the 60s.

a special performance by Juanita MORE! & The MOREgurls. Juanita MORE! is a nightlife star, couture queen and party promoter extraordinaire. She has DJ residencies at Booty Call Wednesdays, BEATPIG, FAG Fridays, Vandam / NYC, Mother / LA & Lip Service / Seattle. Her back-up beauties The MOREgurls are the talented Candi Gurl & Ms. Trudy.

$7 from 2pm – 8pm includes free BBQ until all the food is gone!
3pm – 4pm: $1 beers

Hard French Jiggalicious Dance Club entertaining you all day long!

this month’s photobooth by Courtney Trouble (link to site NSFW) is going to raise money to provide resources for queer incarcerated youth.

and raffle benefitting Dirtstar featuring two tickets to see Kylie Minogue at Bill Graham and more prizes TBA. Dirtstar is a queer sustainable art explosion happening in the NQAF (National Queer Arts Festival) 2011. We are creating artist stipends to financially support emerging queer artists. For more information and to donate click here:

–To help reduce the line El Rio will be opening the door at 2pm (the music still starts at 3), setting up a bar in the back room and providing a $1 coat check–

El Rio. April 2nd. Doors at 2pm. Dancing 3pm – 8pm. DJs on the Patio. BBQ.


We are at $2,711 of our $3K fundraising goal!  We want to thank all of you amazing people for hooking it up thus far.  We are awed by your generosity in supporting art.  Period.  We love you, and are honored to know you.

We have 4 days left to get to our goal.  You can still help by donating directly OR Coming out to party with us at:

Hard French THIS SATURDAY May 7th!!!  The raffle benefitting Dirtstar featuring two tickets to see Kylie Minogue at Bill Graham and more prizes TBA.

…as always, you can hook it up directly through Sunday May 8th:

We are Fundraising!

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Yesterday evening we passed the $1,200 mark towards our goal of $3,000!!! WOW!  A major thank you goes out to all those awesome contributors!!!  I know that everywhere we look, folks are fundraising.  All are worthy causes, as many important things are underfunded in the face of massive military spending and prison industrial expansion.  Queer Sustainable Art needs your help, too!  This sum of $3,000 will go directly to a bunch of queer artists who are showcased at the show, support our ongoing workshops, pay for permits for our show, and let us offer it all to the community for free as much as possible!

Lots of love, 
Amar/a, m.a. brooks, Caitlin, Lex, and Arrow

Dirtstar 2011:  Take Root will make this my third and final year of involvement with Dirtstar.  Ami and a few other friends sprouted Dirtstar in 2008, as part of the National Queer Arts Festival (NQAF).  This year, we are still showcased in NQAF, but Dirtstar has grown from a one-evening event into a two month long Arts Residency at the Tenderloin National Forest.  During these two months, we will feature visual arts shows, performance events, art/sustainability workshops, and queer/history bike tours around San Francisco. We are pressed to raise funds to compensate our featured visual and performing artists and execute the best event ever.  It is sure to be an incredible residency, and for those of you in the SF Bay Area and/or visiting in May/June, we hope you can come by and check out one of our events.  We will be offering events free whenever possible, and your donations help us sustain free events.

Dishin’ the Dirt: A Queer Compendium
a zine to be released in conjunction with Dirtstar 2011

You’ve just created the most delicious meal, an unbeatably brilliant tincture, the best new planter for your balcony garden, the greatest scheme for sustainable queer separatism, a spectacularly penned commentary on food justice. Ain’t it a shame if you don’t share it?


We want your veggie recipes, ideas, illustrations, diatribes, project instructions, clever plots, homesteading pointers, critiques, and succinct discourses on growing/sustaining/eating. Queerly.

The zine will be:
-digest sized – 5 1/2 x 8 1/2″
-black and white, with a fancy cover
-sent freely to each contributor
-released on the night of Dirtstar’s performance spectacular: June 19th.

Please submit ASAP, or by MAY 7th, 2011

EMAIL questions/submission to
MAIL to: Dirtstar! / 2501 Bryant St / San Francisco CA 94110

Dirtstar 2011: Take Root is born!

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Trash transformed. Seeds sown. Queer family forged.  Dirtstar 2011 will Take Root in a May-June residency at Tenderloin National Forest/ Luggage Store Annex with weekly consciousness raising, visual art, bike tours, and installation. Take Root will culminate in a final performance evening celebrating radical queer sustainability in uncertain times.

Stay tuned:  We will publish our Dirstar 2011: Take Root Calendar of Events HERE!