Dishin’ the Dirt//YR SUBMISSIONS PLS

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Dishin’ the Dirt: A Queer Compendium
a zine to be released in conjunction with Dirtstar 2011

You’ve just created the most delicious meal, an unbeatably brilliant tincture, the best new planter for your balcony garden, the greatest scheme for sustainable queer separatism, a spectacularly penned commentary on food justice. Ain’t it a shame if you don’t share it?


We want your veggie recipes, ideas, illustrations, diatribes, project instructions, clever plots, homesteading pointers, critiques, and succinct discourses on growing/sustaining/eating. Queerly.

The zine will be:
-digest sized – 5 1/2 x 8 1/2″
-black and white, with a fancy cover
-sent freely to each contributor
-released on the night of Dirtstar’s performance spectacular: June 19th.

Please submit ASAP, or by MAY 7th, 2011

EMAIL questions/submission to
MAIL to: Dirtstar! / 2501 Bryant St / San Francisco CA 94110

  1. leebalanarts says:

    I have some artwork accepted in the Dirtstar show at the Luggage Store Annex. The ideas and plans are blowing my mind. You might be interested in some of my short stories on my wordpress blog:

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